Internationally renowned Dutch techno artist, DJ and label boss, Joyce Mercedes’ passion for hunting down and mixing the perfect beats, started at the age of 9, when she inherited her first turntables.

Super ambitious and hardworking, she has gone on to perform in over 70 countries and made appearances in over 50 magazines globally.

Former residencies include Space’s (Ibiza) World tour and Amsterdam’s ‘Supperclub. She has performed at almost every major club throughout Europe, North America, South-America and the Far East, whilst sharing stages with world renowned artists like Sasha, John Digweed, Paul van Dijk and Derrick May.

Taking inspiration from the early house scene and legendary artists too like, Sister Bliss , Deep Dish, and Junior Vasquez. Mercedes’ marvelous choice of records shows her nose for quality and her exceptional mix-technique is based on a combination of inborn talent and perseverance. Vocal records will not be avoided in her dark and trippy sound. Yet one thing always remains consistent, Mercedes is a hypnotist who knows how to stun a dance floor. Her ubiquitous sonic palette is influenced by melodic techno, psychedelic, progressive, tech, trance, tribal, groove, minimal, soul and funk.

Mercedes launched her brand-new imprint “ThreeSevenEleven” in the second half of 2018, embarking on a tour of Turkey, Egypt, Slovenia, Croatia and Kosovo to promote her new tougher sound and earned herself a residency at Club NL, Amsterdam. Started her 'Darkroom' broadcast' weekly on fridays during Covid-19 which turned into a global succes with viewers up to 200.000

Releasing on Codex, Octopus, Le Club Records and Dark Face Recordings. 'Drumroll' brought her the first top 100 entry at the global techno beatport charts. (Driving/Peak time)

Drumroll : Techno Top 100 #43, Techno Hype #7

Coruscate : Techno Hype #86

Sabotage : Techno Top 100 # 49, Techno Hype #12, Overall top 100 #64

Loaded: Techno top 100 #62, Techno Hype #18, Overall hype top 100 #87

Gotcha : Techno Hype #100

Exonerate: Techno Top 100 #97

Exonerate : Techno Top 100 #97

While working intensely on new work, she has stellar releases coming up! Watch this space for news of new releases and tours in the coming months ahead!